The Ezcrown System
The Ezcrown System

Why EZCrown?

Wondering if EZCrown is right for you? If you want a simple, straightforward way to install elegant wood crown molding - we can assure you, this is it!

Here are a few of the many reasons:

The EZCrown Molding Installation System is easy to use

Like its name might suggest, EZCrown is unbelievably easy. It is designed to be done by one person (so you don't need to wait for a handy friend, family member or contractor to achieve the perfect project). You don't need too many additional tools - in fact, you probably have everything you need already! - plus our straightforward instructions help simplify the process even further. 

You deserve an affordable crown molding solution

Crown molding is a classic design feature for a reason - but it can be expensive to install, especially in homes with unique architectural features (like that of EZCrown inventor, Athas Kometas). You deserve an affordable solution that doesn't sacrifice on style or quality like peel-and-stick, vinyl or other molding alternatives. This is true crown molding - the EZCrown difference is in the installation!

Crown Molding adds effortless elegance to your space and INCREASES your home's value

While a fresh coat of paint can liven up space, nothing provides the lasting elegance and luxury of crown molding. With EZCrown, this elegant addition is easier than ever to install and enjoy.

Using the EZCrown System means you can Avoid the hassle and expense of hiring a professional

Not only can hiring a professional be prohibitively expensive - we've all been there! - but even when you do hire a professional, they don't always perform the quality job you want. With EZCrown's affordable, intuitive system, anyone can perform a quality job that rivals that of professional installation. 

'How to' Videos can't replace the guidance of the EZCrown Molding Installation System

Many DIY'ers turn to online videos and tutorials, which can be helpful in some cases, but these videos don't actually remove the obstacles from the installation process like EZCrown does.

Alternatives like vinyl, foam rubber, and peel-and-stick molding just don't cut it

Peel-and-stick molding, foam rubber or vinyl simply can't replicate the timeless elegance of wood molding. Peel-and-stick often features unattractive corner pieces, for example, while vinyl is not a good surface for paint and actually yellows over time.

Foam rubber never looks the same as wood.  When used outside you can stucco over it.  It usually is used for large sizes as it doesn't look as sleek and finished.  

Wood is the standard for a reason, and it's a luxury touch you can now enjoy with EZCrown!