I am a solo handyman who does crown molding every once in a while. Not having a helper, I look for products that allow myself to do a good job without relying on a unreliable helper.  In my area there are many oceanfront condos with masonry exterior walls ( poured interior walls also) and poured concrete ceilings.  EZCrown was a godsend.  I was able to tapcon the frame with short screws and nail the crown molding to the blocks.  It was GREAT!    Scott Webb Handyman, Port Orange, Florida


I was building a custom home of 5,000 square feet.  The owner's wanted extensive trim molding and 6 1/4" crown molding.  The owner insisted on wood backing and found EZCrown online.  I charged extra for the cost of the EZCrown and I was impressed at how easily the job progressed. I used 2 1/2" 16 gauge nails since the crown was larger.  Not only did I save on labor but the crown was much more secure.  I made more money and did a better job!.  Next time I am just going to add the cost of the EZCrown into the estimate, it will make my life easier!  J. B. Ocala, Florida


I am a trim carpenter who always provides wood backing on any crown 5 1/4" or more.  Usually, I rip a  2" X 4" 45 degrees on each side.  After I find the studs and ceiling joists I fasten the two-by-fours to the framing.  It makes for a secure job but it is more labor intensive and costly with the cost of the 2" X 4"s. I used EZCrown and couldn't believe how much TIME I saved.  My team never even looked for ANY studs!  The screws provided sucked in the EZCrown frame into the ceiling/wall interface.  The painter loved the installation because there were less holes to patch!     Steve (Shorty)  Trim carpenter Orlando