The EZCrown Molding Installation System

Crown Molding is EZ With Our Turnkey Installation System (US PATENT 9447589)

From paint touch-ups to yard projects, today's homeowner is used to taking the DIY route.

Why should installing crown molding (or crown moulding) be any different?

Our effortless EZCrown Molding Installation System™ is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even by one person alone! The results are elegant and timeless, just like all crown molding should be.

But it's not just do-it-yourselfers (DIY'ers) and handymen who love the EZCrown system.  Even contractors rely on it as it saves them time and money by not having to find any studs. 

And the building material doesn't even have to be wood.

The system works the same in homes that have steel frames, or condos that are built with concrete blocks.

Now, there is an easy and cost-cutting system that answers the question 'How Anyone  - Even You! - Can Install Crown Molding'!