The Ezcrown System
The Ezcrown System

How It Works

What will I need?

To place the EZCrown metal frame, all you need is:

  • drill
  • tin snips
  • measuring tape

To fasten the crown molding to the EZCrown frame:

  • finishing nails
  • hammer
  • miter saw (optional)

We've provided 1 1/2" self-tapping TEK screws for the top beam and drywall anchors are available if you have inadequate framing. That's it! You won't need any experience with crown molding, and won't even need someone to help you with installing. This system is designed to be a simple, one-person process that anyone can do.

How does EZCrown work?

The EZCrown frames come in two sizes.  Locally, or by special order, it's available in 10' lengths. Our main size is 4' (46-7/8").

The beauty of EZCrown is that one person, with one hand, can easily hold up the 2- pound, 4’ frame. You simply drill holes 1" from each block and fasten the metal to the top plate with the provided 1-1/2" screws. Four screws per EZCrown frame is all that is necessary.  

Best of all, you don't even need to spend any time finding the studs!

Or, if framing is inadequate, you can use our optional drywall anchors and place them in the eight pre-drilled holes that each frame contains. (Exterior block walls may need drywall anchors).  Each drywall anchor is rated for 50 pounds. So theoretically, each 4’ section will hold 400 pounds.

You mark where the woodblocks are in the EZCrown frame and that is your nailing surface. If the crown is applied to a stable surface, you will have long-term stability. It won't loosen and you won't see gaps opening up.

Then you just repeat the process and nail the crown molding to the EZCrown metal frame. 

Two 4’ EZCrown metal frames will handle the requirements of a 12’ wall.

EZCrown can be installed to wood framing, metal framing, drywall, or concrete block walls.