Introducing EZCrown™

The Simple Crown Molding Framing and Installation System Invented by a Do-It-Yourselfer Who Knew There Had to be a Better Way.



Why You Want to Install Crown Molding in Your Home

It adds ELEGANCE to your home

While giving the rooms in your house a long overdue fresh coat of paint is never a bad idea, crown molding is an even more impactful way to update those rooms, as it can give any room a designer look — more so than paint, an expensive leather sofa or a new dining room table.

It INCREASES the value of your home and makes it more 'saleable'

A streamlined and expensive look, like the one that crown molding allows, sends a message that the home is well cared for — which makes a big impact on potential home buyers.

What's the Problem?

Most people, even ardent do-it-yourselfers, can't hang crown molding

Unless you hire a professional and pay big bucks, trying to do this is a very difficult job that will take hours and hours and when, and if you finish, will probably look amateurish -- wasting money, time and getting criticized by your wife as a bonus.

What's the Solution?

The solution is the EZCrown Molding Installation System.  This ingenious system was invented by a homeowner who knew there had to be a better way to simplify the job and without needing help from a buddy or even his wife.

What Will EZCrown Do For You?

  • EZCrown allows anyone to easily and securely hang crown molding that would rival that of the best trim carpenter.
  • SAVE YOU MONEY! EZCrown saves you an average of 65% from normal contractor prices.
  • It’s so easy that you don't even have to spend any time searching for or locating any studs or ceiling rafters... or deal with creating wood backing either. 
  • Every house has the top plate, the horizontal beam if you will, located in the same spot. It's always there. Fastening EZCrown to it gives you the perfect framing and spacing you need to nail your crown molding to.
  • The system guarantees a consistent angle with no gaps.
  • With EZCrown, the building material doesn't even matter. The system works the same in homes that are built with wood, have steel frames, or condos built with concrete blocks.

"EZCrown makes you money, increases the value of your home, saves you time, let’s you do it yourself, and guarantees a great job!"

EZCrown is EZ to use!

Like its name might suggest, EZCrown is unbelievably easy. It is designed to be done by one person alone. You don't need too many additional tools - in fact, you probably have everything you need already! - plus our straightforward instructions help simplify the process even further.

And not only do you have the pride of doing it yourself, but can ensure that a great job gets done

It adds ELEGANCE to your space and INCREASES your home's value

While a fresh coat of paint can liven up space, nothing provides the lasting elegance and luxury of crown molding. With EZCrown, it's easy to enjoy secure and long-lasting crown molding.

You avoid the hassle and expense of hiring a professional

Not only can hiring a professional be prohibitively expensive - I've been there! - but even when you do hire a professional, they don't always perform the quality job you want. With EZCrown's affordable, intuitive system, anyone can perform a quality job that rivals that of professional installation.


EZCrown comes with a lifetime guarantee ‘cuz it’s ‘made in the USA’ with sturdy galvalume,

which means it’s light, non-corrosive -- easy to handle -- and lasts forever. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


If you want the job done right, use EZCrown!





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