Directions to Install the 4' EZCrown Frame

  1. Face your first wall.  (It does not matter which wall, you will continue counterclockwise from the first wall.) This wall will have the crown molding coped into the right corner. While facing the wall, measure a minimum of 6” to a maximum of 16" from the right corner of the wall and make a vertical pencil mark 3 inches long from the ceiling.
  2. Raise the EZCrown frame with your left hand and hold it tight to the ceiling wall interface. Line up the frame with the pencil mark, and drive the enclosed self-tapping screws to fasten the EZCrown frame to the top plate framing. Start 3/4" to the left of the first block on the right-hand side of the frame. Place all the remaining screws 3/4" from the left side of the remaining blocks.  If the self-tapping screws will not drive past the drywall, stop and try and drive the screw on the other side of the block. It is possible that you have encountered a metal plate protector found over electrical wiring or plumbing.
  3. Optional drywall anchors can be used when no or inadequate framing exists.  Simply drive the drywall anchors into the predrilled holes in the EZCrown frame.
  4. You are now ready to place your second EZCrown frame. Place the frame 12" from the existing frame. Fasten all the top plate screws.
  5. Continue placing the EZCrown frames until you are at the most 14" from the left corner.  You may need to cut the frame with tin snips. Try to have the last block within 16” from the corner.
  6. Secure the EZCrown metal frames to the remaining walls.
  7. Mark all block locations with a vertical pencil line.
  8. Secure the crown molding to the EZCrown frame by hammering small finishing nails into the marked EZCrown block locations.


  • You may find it helpful to use a ⅛” drill bit into predrill the top plate area on the EZCrown frame. Drill the ⅛” hold on the lower bend of the EZCrown frame, ¾” to the left of each block.

  • If drywall anchors are required, you may find it easier to insert the anchors by pre-drilling the holes into the wall and ceiling. It is easy to hold the frame up and mark all the ⅜” drywall holes. EZCrown recommends using a ⅛” drill bit. The drywall anchors are more easily placed into the drilled guide hole.

  • EZCrown recommends that you wear gloves and eye protection when installing the product as it is in part, made with sheet metal