Afraid To Install Large Crown Molding?

Now You Don’t Have To Be. 

The Solution is EZCrown, The World’s First Crown Molding Framing and Installation System.

This ingenious system was invented by a homeowner (a dentist in fact) who knew there had to be a better way to simplify the job without needing help from a buddy or even his wife.


With EZCrown, Anyone Can Install Crown Molding

  • All you need are tin snips, a drill, a ladder...and you, anyone really, can install EZCrown in a normal size room in around an hour by yourself.  

  • It’s so easy that you don't even have to locate any studs or ceiling rafters... or deal with creating wood backing either.

  • Fastening EZCrown to the top plate gives you the perfect framing and spacing you need to nail your crown molding to.

  • EZCrown works with any structure, whether it be wood, steel, or block.

  • Just 4 self-drilling screws securely install the EZCrown frame, a frame that guarantees a secure and consistent angle with no gaps….EVERY TIME!

Crown Molding INCREASES the Value of Your Home

A streamlined and expensive look, like the one that crown molding allows, sends a message that your home is well cared for — which makes a big impact on potential home buyers.  

And makes it more ‘saleable’.

Crown Molding Adds ELEGANCE to Your Home

While giving the rooms in your house a long overdue fresh coat of paint is never a bad idea, crown molding is an even more impactful way to update those rooms, as it can give any room a designer look — more so than paint, an expensive leather sofa or a new dining room table.

Installing crown molding is a great way to beautify an ordinary looking home and turn it into one that exudes class and style. It adds a classic finishing touch that pulls together all of a room's design elements.

EZCrown Saves You 65% Over Normal Contractor Prices

Not only can hiring a professional be prohibitively expensive - I've been there! - but even when you do hire a professional, they don't always perform the quality job you want. With EZCrown's affordable, intuitive system, anyone can perform a quality job that rivals that of professional installation.

Earn The Pride You Get From Doing It Yourself, Doing It When You Need it Done And Not When It’s Convenient For Someone Else.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.  

EZCrown includes a lifetime guarantee ‘cuz it’s made in the USA’ with sturdy galvalume and # 1-grade lumber - it’s light, non-corrosive and strong -- and EZ to handle.

This isn't a YouTube video or some cheap plastic/vinyl knock off - it's a framing system designed so anyone can hang beautiful wood crown molding in their home.  Fast and EZ and it lasts forever!

If you don’t love it, just send it back for a full refund.  No questions asked and no hard feelings either.

If You Want It Done Right, Use EZCrown!





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